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A warm welcome to WEmpower Services

A Registered NDIS Provider for assisted support services in Australia


Our purpose is ignited by our deep passion to enrich the lives of individuals who engage with our services. We strive to provide high-quality support to help maintain independence and wellbeing by:

  • Cultivating and nurturing human connections
  • Providing dedicated support
  • Fostering empowerment

We understand that quality support facilitates freedom. By empowering and elevating the abilities of every person, we build a better community.

our clients to achieve their goals by


Assisting with Personal Activities

We aim to partner with you to enable you to live as autonomously as possible. We provide these supports individually to you or your loved one with the flexibility to be utilised in a range of environments including your own home.

Assisting our clients in personal activities plays a very important role in improving overall well-being and promoting independence. By delivering support in areas such as dressing or grooming, our support workers can ensure that clients maintain their dignity and self-confidence. This assistance also helps clients develop and maintain their physical skills and abilities, leading to improved overall health and independence in their daily lives. Read More


Assisting with Travel and Transport

Our team of professional carers will assist with completing essential tasks such as shopping, getting to appointments or going to the cinema or café by providing transport with complete safety and comfort.


Daily Tasks / Living

WEmpower and understand living a life independently without support can be challenging. We also recognise that every participant has unique needs, lifestyle objectives, preferences and most importantly, specific constraints.

Understanding these individual and specific limitations allows us to tailor our support so that you can live independently regardless of where you live – in your own home, rented apartment or in a shared accommodation.

Whether you are looking for specific assistance with everyday tasks or participating in recreational activities, our team of passionate carers are ready to support you around the clock.
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Development of Life Skills

At WEmpower, we understand the importance and benefits of having a wide range of life skills to enhance independence and improve overall confidence.

Through our skill development activities and learning programs, we strive to empower participants by providing them Read More with knowledge and tools necessary for personal growth and success in many areas of life, including:

  • Assistance in promoting health and wellbeing, personal hygiene and maintaining cleanliness of home.
  • Providing and assisting open communication between other supports services and providers.
  • Assistance in transportation and planning travel arrangements to help promote independence.
  • Provide support in finding empolyment opportunities for clients that can display their capabilities and skillsets.


Household Tasks

Our friendly and experienced support workers will assist with carrying out household tasks and maintain your home environment.

This may involve cleaning your home, garden maintenance, meal preparation and assisting with pets.


Community Participation

We understand that participating in the community is vital to live a more fulfilling life. Our dedicated carers will assist you with staying connected with the community by taking you to visit friends and family, going to your favourite café or even watching your favourite artist perform live.


Group/Centre Activities

We offer an array of group activities to provide our participants with a fulfilling experience. These activities are all-encompassing group sessions, encouraging our participants to make new connections and grow in harmony.

WEmpower has a range of activities and programs aimed to assist our participants to enhance their Mental and Physical wellbeing. Read More


NSW Specialised Substitute Residential Care (SSRC)

WEmpower is a registered and approved SSRC organisation with the NSW Government and is committed to supporting the safety and wellbeing of the children and young people in our care.

SSRC is overnight care or short-term accommodation provided by an accredited organisation to a child or young person (0-17 years) away from their usual home and with the consent of their family/guardian.

We are dedicated to providing high-quality, safe and compassionate support to children and young people in need of SSRC.
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Through Care,
we found our passion.
Through Care,
we found our purpose